About Us

Thai Medical Glove Co., Ltd was established by Dr. Boon Vanasin. According to the rise of global demand for medical gloves, Thai Medical Glove Co., Ltd aims to promote Thailand’s medical gloves to be globally recognizable with international standards by creating new technological innovations. Correspondingly, we have been accumulating experience in managing one of Thailand’s most renowned hospitals enabling us to understand especially medical users by orienting every detail to develop the products for achieving the most efficient and eco-friendly.

Registered Capital of 2 billion Thai Baht.


Vision and Mission


Thailand´s Eco-Friendly and Safe Medical Gloves


To Globalize Thailand´s Medical Glove manufacturers by achieving international standards for the best reputation of Thailand.

Manufacturing Capacity

Thai Medical Glove Co., Ltd has one of Thailand’s largest production capacities with the production standards of stability, safety, and detail orientation. We are planning to be Thailand’s second medical gloves manufacturer by manufacturing 20 billion gloves annually.

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001
ISO 13485